Professional Services

Counsellor and therapist supervision

The Conwy Counsellors offers professional supervision to BACP counsellors and therapists, both in practice and in training.

Monthly supervision is a mandatory requirement for BACP-registered counsellors, so as to promote good standards of professional practice and, importantly, to promote the safety of counselling clients and the well-being of counsellor supervisees.

Counsellor supervision is available at Llandudno.

Mindfulness practitioner supervision

Teachers of Mindfulness can benefit considerably from practitioner supervision from an experienced Mindfulness-based teacher, as recommended by the UK Mindfulness Trainers’ Network in its Good Practice Guidelines.

Mindfulness practitioner supervision is available at Llandudno and Llanrwst.

Fiona Smith of The Conwy Counsellors was trained as a counsellor supervisor (postgraduate certificate) at the University of Chester, and as a Mindfulness practitioner supervisor at Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice.

Writing and consultancy

Article or news-release writing in promotion of healthcare delivery and other services can be an excellent way of engaging with both service-users and fellow professionals.

With an expert background in public sector information output, and with primary and secondary careers in and alongside the Armed Forces and with North Wales charities, Mervyn Wynne Jones can offer a bespoke authoring service for a variety of information output requirements.

Mervyn Wynne Jones is registered with the BACP’s pool of authors, has authored BACP information resources, has sat on the BACP’s Good Practice Guidance committee, has led a BACP working group looking at BACP information output pertaining to ethical decision making, and is currently a member of the BACP’s governance Public Protection Committee.

Articles written by Mervyn Wynne Jones include:

Faith in a Foxhole’, looking at the challenging counsellor-type role of the Army Chaplain in a combat environment.

Soldier, Veteran, Survivor’, offering an insight into life in the Armed Forces and the challenges for therapists engaging with military veterans.

For further information on any of the professional services offered by The Conwy Counsellors, please send an email inquiry to: . The Conwy Counsellors will be pleased to talk through any queries or proposals by telephone, and to meet and discuss as required.